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Founder | Designer

Anthony Josef

My Name is Anthony and I am the founder and designer of the brand AVA.

I define my myself in a melting pot of a million impressions and impulses. Fashion is the passion but I believe in creating something unique by mixing together various or even contrary particles. From that new gene structures will blossom. Plus I would really like to share my perspective on the world and the values that are accompanied by it. Therefore AVA. Is my playground and should be a space for all other artist to explore, showcase and add their gene to the structure as well. There is so much potential out there. Not utilizing and helping it grow would just be sad in my eyes. 

Featured Artists

Collaborator and Friend

Casper Nii-Armah

The foundation of my art is happenings, experience, thoughts and emotion, translated into abstract compositions.

Fear, hate, love, grief, selflessness and egomania are of course part of the blend. It’s those cutting points between these lines that I express human standards discrepancies between rich and poor. On the other hand I prefer not to dwell on these paradigms, since I love to keep my small boy glasses on. Drop your opinions, drop your ego and don’t analyse your position between these lines, because it is worth to maybe see the world as kid again sometimes.

Raised by street art and graffiti and now cultivating in abstract art, installations, Wood, metal and stone sculptures, performance art and fashion interests. 

The Guy behind the anime

Viktor Pareigis

I am Viq from Kiel, Germany

I grew up here and started sketching since I could think. One of my earliest memories was me sketching video game levels on cardboard cards. I have the feeling that everybody back then was drawing and sketching. I just never stopped. My main goal now starting from all the way back then is to create new worlds. Back then it was pyramids, treasure maps and their reptilian inhabitants. Now in the form of animation movie but mostly digital and analog art.

To create my worlds I dive into fictive universes from movies, video games, comics and anime. I quickly noticed how many opportunities one has from these mediums. movies and series fascinate me in the sense of how they put together sound and picture, comics tell great stories with awesome illustrations. They all drive me to do what I’m doing with my art.

Co-Producer of the anime soundtrack

Nickels Keil

I am a music producer and creative from Hamburg, Germany. 

I have always loved music and expressing myself creatively in any way. Putting my feelings in an instrumental or on a canvas and making connections to other people, curious how they take it in, has always been my passion.

I am now mainly focused on music production. Sonically getting a relaxing, vibey and spaced out atmosphere is what I’m mostly going for. Though I am always open to enter new genres or spectres of sound. It just has to have a certain type of feel to it. You know… when you are just in the song and nowhere else. In that moment.

I will never stop creating and evolving in any way and am happy if I am able to touch a few people through that.


Janto Djassi

Senegalese-German music producer and audiovisual artist. Growing up with


Vincent Bachmann

I’m a self-taught photographer from Hamburg, Germany.

Photography has become a way for me to symbolically record my innermost feelings and emotions. This is not a matter of direct reproduction but a projection of emotions into images: things seen whilst deep reflection - abstract and raw. Working on a new project really helps me to settle my thoughts. At least a bit. Being out there with my camera blows away all the trouble, doubt and fear.

Content Design Lifestyle Photography

Mira Luna

Ich bin Storyteller. Die Kamera ist mein Medium, die Linse mein Auge, der Sensor mein Gedächtnis. Meine Leidenschaft ist es, besondere Augenblicke und Stimmungen einzufangen, und sie in meinen Bildern festzuhalten. Mit Liebe zum Detail und Kreativität setze ich Ihre Projekte um.