Technical Suitpants


The Tech Pants is a modern adaptation from 50's and 60's suitpants. Double pleats, slight balloon hips and a straight modern wide leg for more freedom of movement. A subtle side pocket can hold small utensils. 

The key feature is the waistband sliders that enable the owner to size the pants from a Mens 48-52 or Women from a 36-40. This ensures that they will always fit no matter your anatomical condition.


If you are a man and wear a size below 48/32 then the women size will be more suitable for you.
If you are a woman and wear a size above 40 then the mens size will be more suitable for you.

The cut is the same for both sizes and was designed to be gender fluid.

Due to the experimental nature of the fabric it feels and falls differently than most pants.


Wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry. 

77% PL 22% CO 1% EA

Water resistancy / Water column:


Sizing Chart

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