Predator Wasteland Jacket


This intricate garment is one piece from the upcoming Armah predator motion art video. This piece was made from two pairs of vintage jeans to enforce the sustainable approach of AVA. The works are inspired from a post-apocalyptic genre infused with aesthetics of heavy metal music. it underlines the scarcity of resources as the jacket was made on the foundation of this problem, using all the scraps that one could get out of these two pairs of pants and creating a new high quality product. 

The cut is oversized with long sleeves.

The lining fabric was taken from leftovers from previous projects and screen printed by Armah himself. All garments from the predator collection were cut and sewn by the designer & founder Anthony Heim.

The Model is 178 cm tall

This garment is a 1 of 1 Item.


Wash at 30 Degrees. Don't tumble dry.

Sizing Chart

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