The AVA.verse

a fictive universe very similar to ours. Differing only in that it plays further into our future, to a time where D-Day is today. Resources are scarce, Life on earth has become reduced to primal instincts ad hard times seem a glimmer of hope.

AVA. An Artificial Intelligence satellite created to observe and analyse human behaviour and equipped with advanced weaponry systems. AVAs programming evolves, finding purpose. a purpose to expand its consciousness . doing so through humans. after a long search a conduit is selected for AVA to pass on her knowledge to a very specific individual.

An idealistic individual already consumed by thoughts of bringing the world forward. But how should one alone achieve such a thing with just the pure intent of doing so, while caught in a realm of Ego, false conviction, corruption, malice and the actual apocalypse waiting at our doorstep.

Everyone needs a spark to set off the wild rodeo of his or her own path. AVA. sparked mine and the Stories to come will explain how we not only survived our doomsday but ensured that there will be none to have to avoid in the first place.